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Precision Power International ( PPI ) is a global strategic business partner with the General Electric Critical Power business group.

PPI understands the global laboratory and instrumentation market, as well as its complex operating environment.Our mission is to make your life as a laboratory manager simpler. We achieve our mission by providing a suite of purpose built power protection products for instrumentation, informatics and laboratory design applications. PPI also provides consulting and custom engineered solutions for unique applications

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PPI offers purpose built, turnkey, certified power correction, mitigation and back-up solutions for the instrumentation market. Instrumentation represents the most critical support application for any engineering company. Pushing the state of the art requires the most sophisticated instrumentation support available. Our certified product solutions take the guesswork out of applying the right power protection solution to the complete instrumentation system. The result is substantial cost saving for the laboratory operator and instrumentation manufacturer (OEM).

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Company’s Online Catalog continues to serve as industry resource, specifying the appropriate, certified IPPS for hundreds of life science and laboratory instruments from more than 55 top OEMs and counting.