About Us

Precision Power International delivers high-level engineering solutions, on a worldwide basis, including the design of critical power products and services for technology business applications.

Precision Power International, Inc. ( PPI ) is an engineering consultant, product developer and system integrator of energy and power products. Our specialization is value added systems engineering (VASE), software monitoring services (SMS), and consulting engineering services (CES) for the global energy, power technology and large end-user technology markets.

PPI is highly experienced in the laboratory and the instrumentation power protection system (IPPS) market. Our A-Z application expertise encompasses all aspects of analytical to zoological instrumentation.

Our company has deep roots in electrical power products and solutions, as well as a long association with General Electric’s power products and applications. We are third generation engineers. Our ancestral guidance derives from a heritage of leaders who assisted in the electrification of the United States’ Midwest, the growth of the industrial sector, as well as aerospace and power generation engineering.

Our design engineers have aerospace, electrical/electronics, mechanical, software and structural design leadership experience, with numerous successful product launches and patents to their credit. Additionally, our engineering managers have product development leadership in automation, instrumentation, scientific and capital equipment systems.