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Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Complete

How this IPPS Online Catalog Product Selection Process Works (No Purchase Obligation and Your Information is Confidential).

Our Engineered and Certified Instrument Power Protection Systems (IPPS) have been designed to take-away the guess-work, time and risk associated with specifying a worry-free IPPS product for your mission critical instrumentation application.

The Online Catalog is organized by Instrument OEM and includes:

  • Make and model of your instrumentation system
  • Type of electrical certification required and regional approval
  • Corresponding IPPS catalog number
  • Specification Data Sheet (SDS) illustrating the IPPS and instrument application


If you are a laboratory located in North America (CA, US, MX) the cUL/UL and US/NEMA identified products are your selection. Generally the rest of World (ROW) utilizes IEC and CE Marked as the IPPS product of choice. If you have a question regarding your specific instrument and/or country requirements, contact us. we will assist you in specifying/selecting the correct IPPS product.

Step 1: Select the OEM instrument manufacturer(s).

Step 2: Select one or more instrument models and quantities and/or additional instrument manufacturers.

Step 3: Complete the confidential contact information form - your information is never shared.

Step 4: Receive an acknowledgment of your web site request.

We will contact you the next business day to review and discuss any technical or unique aspects of your request.


*All products listed in the Online Catalog as LPS Series (Remote Monitoring) are also available as either LPR or LPU Series (Local Monitoring).

** Any LPR or LPU Series IPPS is upgradeable to the LPS Series at any time.

Please contact us at for additional information and/or assistance.

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